• Schuman Cheese finds consumers will pay more for transparency in cheese products

    Dairy Reporter November 1, 2016

    Schuman Cheese, with the help of from marketing agency Emergent, is continuing to rollout its “True Cheese” program to tackle the issue of Italian hard cheese adulteration, which is estimated to account for roughly $375m of cheese sold in the US and 20% of the hard Italian cheese category.

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  • Verified Quality Debuts After Decades Of Uncertainty In U.S. Italian Cheese Business

    PR Newswire / Schuman Cheese October 26, 2016

    FAIRFIELD, N.J., Oct. 26, 2016 /PRNewswire/ – Following widely covered news reports of adulteration and fraud in some sectors of Italian cheese, a leading company in the U.S. cheese industry, Schuman Cheese, today announced plans to introduce the industry’s first trust mark. The on-package seal is intended to verify product quality and manufacturing integrity.

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  • Schuman Cheese introduces trust mark to counter widespread adulteration of Italian cheeses

    Food Navigator September 20, 2016

    US-based Schuman Cheese is taking a stand against what the CEO described as widespread adulteration and fraud that currently are “diluting and polluting” some sectors of the Italian cheese market by rolling out the industry’s first trust mark.

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  • Schuman Cheese Launches new True Cheese trust mark

    Cheese Market News August 12, 2016

    Following news reports of fraud and adulteration in some sectors of Italian cheese, one cheese company is launching the industry’s first trust mark, True Cheese. Schuman Cheese, a leading importer and producer of domestic Italian cheeses based in Fairfield, New Jersey…

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  • ‘Wood in cheese’ media frenzy spotlights fraud

    Cheese Market News February 19, 2016

    New media attention this week on the issue of adulterated cheese has the industry on the defense over the integrity of its products. Several news outlets this week reported that wood pulp may be included in grated Parmesan cheese available for purchase at various retailers.

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  • The Parmesan Cheese You Sprinkle on Your Penne Could Be Wood

    Bloomberg February 16, 2016

    Some brands promising 100 percent purity contained no Parmesan at all. The cheese police are on the case…

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