• Counterfeit Cheese, Fish And Vodka: Fake Food And Drinks Are A Very Real Problem

    Forbes December 18, 2015

    You are what you eat. For some of us, myself included, that thought is pretty scary. But it gets even scarier when you factor in counterfeit foods…

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  • First Ever Trust Mark Debuts In U.S. Italian Cheese

    PR Newswire / Arthur Schuman Inc. November 18, 2015

    FAIRFIELD, N.J., Nov., 18, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — In response to decades of increased incidents of adulteration and fraud in the Italian hard cheese category, U.S. hard cheese leader Arthur Schuman Inc. (ASI) today announced the creation of the industry’s first trust mark for quality assurance.

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  • The Hard Truth About Hard Cheese Authenticity

    Food Quality & Safety October 7, 2015

    Seventy years ago my grandfather, Arthur, started an Italian cheese importing business in New York (Arthur Schuman Inc.). He may not have known at the time that his company would evolve significantly in the years that followed, but he did know his commitment to high quality products would construct the foundation for success in the decades to follow…

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  • Italian cheese marketing fraud spotlighted by U.S. stakeholders

    Cheese Market News September 4, 2015

    In today’s crowded marketplace, packaging, price point and messaging can make or break whether a product gets picked up or passed over.

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  • FDA Lacks Resources to Police Food Fraud; Food Companies Must Play Larger Role

    Bloomberg BNA August 12, 2015

    That expensive red snapper? May be tilapia. Pure honey? Saturated with artificial flavors. And extra virgin olive oil may be neither. Now tests show some grated Parmesan and Romano are only partially made of real cheese.

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  • The Hard Truth Concerning Cheese Forgery

    Deli Business July 1, 2015

    It’s hard to think about making an Italian meal without utilizing some fresh Parmesan or Romano cheese, and deli operators have seen a rise in requests for these grated or shredded cheeses on food served at the deli counter.

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