Why True Cheese Is Important To You

  • “As a chef, I can tell you there is a noticeable difference when you cook with cheese that has a lot of additives. The flavor is weaker and the texture is chalky—it can ruin a dish. Real cheese really does make a difference.”

    Chef Giuseppe Scurato Ceres’ Table, Chicago
  • “It appears as though food fraud is becoming more common, in products as diverse as cheese, olive oil, and fish. We know consumers often make food choices based on labels, and consumers deserve accurate labels.”

    Dr. Karen Everstine National Center for Food Protection and Defense
  • “I’m a working mom. I’m often rushing through the grocery store. I’m a careful label reader, but we’re trusting the food companies to be transparent and honest about what they’re putting in our food. If it says it’s Parmesan, I expect it to be Parmesan.”

    Sarah Eberhard Working Mother of Two
  • “My grandfather and father were passionate about bringing the best quality cheese to Americans – that dedication hasn’t changed for us. I'm sure they both would be proud knowing that future generations will continue to enjoy the true cheese they deserve.”

    Neal Schuman CEO Schuman Cheese, A 4th Generation Cheese Company

Welcome to True Cheese

Discover the differences between fake “Parm-ish-san” and authentic hard cheeses — what we call True Cheese. Learn from award-winning cheese company Schuman Cheese about the artistry and integrity behind bona fide cheesemaking. Watch interviews with industry leaders and food experts who base their reputations on quality — and consumers, like you, who value real ingredients and great tasting food. Enjoy a taste of True Cheese!