From entertaining to at-home cooking, we all want food made out of real ingredients.

We use cheeses like Parmesan and Romano for their rich, nutty, salty flavor. Some cheese companies, however, use non-food fillers as cheap substitutes for real cheese. These include imitation cheese made of vegetable oils, as well as starches, chemicals and excessive cellulose.

The challenge is that these fillers are hard to identify by reading the label.

The True Cheese seal was created to distinguish between cheese that is made and sold honestly – and “cheese” that is not.

With True Cheese, you’re getting real cheese. It’s our promise to you.

The True Cheese Guarantee

The makers of True Cheese (Schuman Cheese) believe the mark is only as good as the integrity that sits underneath it. Each product bearing the True Cheese mark is independently examined and verified by one of the world’s leading ISO accredited product testing labs.

Covance Laboratories, a division of Laboratory Corporation of America (LabCorp), randomly selects True Cheese products from retail locations and tests them to verify how they are made. Testing is performed at Covance’s state-of-the-art food labs in Madison, Wisconsin.

Products carrying the True Cheese quality assurance mark can be purchased with confidence – a statement, and promise, only True Cheese can make.